"A Different Kind of Something Else"
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This is the website of several independent scholars in Florida who lament the end of civilization, the collapse of even minimal intellectual standards and the increasingly dire state of art, culture, politics and gamefishing.
                                                                THE SLUDGEPUPPY MANIFESTO

     We are thinkers who hold ourselves to a higher standard of insight, veracity and candor than that which is currently fashionable.  We are post postmodern and antedeluvian. We're propadeutic, hermeneutic, neochiropractic. 

     We will offer the credulous public a series of unintentionally revealing parapraxes combined with astounding departures from conventional wisdom, subtle theoretical digressions of dubious intelligibility and seafood recipes.

     We will vent our spleen. We will roll our eyes. We will freeze dry our brains. We will curl your hair.

     We scare ourselves. If anyone else understood what we were talking about, they would be scared too.

     We intend to be a uniquely precise example of ourselves, self identical in every way. We can do no other. 

     We promise at all times to live up to our motto: "NO WORSE THAN THE REST".  
True or false:

"Brylcreem is Cream of Wheat in another dimension."
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